Keep on Smiling

Looking back at our October Gallery Concert

Having performed 2 live-streamed recital programmes during Lockdown 2021, it was a great celebration to be back with an in-person audience last month at The October Gallery in Holborn.

The concert space was intimate, in the nicest possible way, and the audience was as happy to be there as we all were.

We were very grateful to Bill Knight who offered his time during our afternoon rehearsal to come and photograph us. You can see from the smiles on our faces, how much fun we all were having.

The dedication of everyone involved in keeping music going, and performances happening during lockdown was not lost on us, especially to Thomas Hewitt Jones, who provided the sound engineering (as well as a completely new composition for us to perform) for our March concert, and to Simon Callaghan and all of the team at Conway Hall, who made the April concert possible, but there is nothing quite like the energy carried between the performers and the audience, which happens in real life.

Bill Knight

Thomas Hewitt Jones

Conway Hall Sunday Concerts

October Gallery