Hartmut Ometzberger

Welcome back

We have so much joy about the fact that we can welcome back as guest leader for our concert on 5th March, Hartmut Ometzberger. Hartmut was leader of the quartet (previously The Chamber Players Ensemble) for many years, before the complexities of Brexit made it uncertain about the future for travel and work in the UK.

Due to reasons out of her control, Claire is not able to lead this concert, and so after investigating how it would be possible for Hartmut to perform with us in the UK, and finding that it is indeed possible (with an extra cost and a certificate), this seemed like the most natural decision in the world to ask him back to lead the quartet once more.

The programme chosen includes 2 pieces from his hometown of Vienna. Haydn’s Op 33 no. 4 and Schubert’s Rosamunde Quartet.

Hartmut and Lucy were taught violin by the same teacher Manny Hurwitz, before going to music college, and have known eachother since they were 15. Their first performance together aged 18 was of Haydn’s op 76 no. 2. Manny, with his own quartet recorded every single Haydn Quartet, and Hartmut was given Manny’s own quartet parts of those pieces.

Schubert’s Rosamunde Quartet was the only one of his quartets to have been performed and published during Schubert’s life-time.

With these two well known and much loved quartet pieces, we are delighted to be able to explore further Florence Prices’ Quartet no. 1, and look forward to adding this to our performance repertoire.

Saturday 5th March 7.00pm, All Saints, West Dulwich, SE21 8JY Tickets

With thanks to Bronsens, Herne Hill School and Allianz UK for supporting our 2022 concert series.